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South Australia's world-famous events and festivals showcase our exceptional food and wine, sport, art and vibrant city life. The party doesn’t stop in Adelaide though. Our regions will find any excuse for a celebration, with events and festivals showing-off the best of our state's food, wine, fashion, art and design all year-round.

Top 10 Famous Festivals in Australia. The colorful festivals are having celebrated every year in Australia and these famous festivals have become omnipresent in Australia, with full celebration spirit.

Known as the world’s largest arts festival, each August the Fringe takes over Scotland’s capital, drawing artists, performers, and attendees from around the world. Fringe developed 70 years ago (as an alternative to the selective Edinburgh International Festival) and is an open-access festival,... This is midsummer month and features, among Australia's major events, the Sydney Festival, Australia Day and the Australian Tennis Open. The month is, of course, named after the Roman god Janus who is associated with doorways, beginnings, and transitions, and often depicted with two faces. Discover all the great Sydney attractions, from the sublime Sydney Opera House and the iconic Bondi Beach to the marvellous Taronga Zoo, magnificent national parks, extraordinary heritage and much more. You’ll find many memorable things to do and fascinating places to visit in Sydney, Australia.

Jan 06, 2019 · Toto - Africa (Falls Festival Fremantle Oval, Western Australia 6th January 2019) Australia has more food festivals in absolute numbers than anywhere else, ranging from regional producer-style markets to internationally recognised events. The gourmet calendar is peppered with events that showcase the region’s best – such as the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and South Australia’s Tasting Australia – or a locally ...